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mcclintock's farm water buffalo hide rolls
mcclintock's farm water buffalo hide rolls
mcclintock's farm water buffalo hide rolls

mcclintock's farm water buffalo hide rolls

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 an ultra tough, bone-free chew. perfect for power chewers.

always supervise your dog while chewing. remove pieces that are small enough to be swallowed and provide access to water. due to the collagen-rich nature of hides, we recommend introducing this product in 20 minute chew sessions.

how to pick the right size of hide roll for your dog

length - 

short -7-9" long 

long - 10+" long (average 12" in length)

longs are advised for dogs that tend to swallow the ends of chews. this allows you a little extra chew time before the roll must be removed. if your pup is trustworthy with the ends of chews, a short is just fine as well! short sizes weigh less, but they are the same durability as the long size - the weight difference just accounts for the shorter length.


xs - recommended for power chewers under 15lbs, heavy chewers 15-25 lbs, light chewers 25-60 lbs.

s - recommended for power chewers 15-25 lbs, medium chewers 25-60 lbs, light chewers 60lbs and up.

l - recommended for heavy chewers 25-60lbs, and medium chewers 60lbs and up

xl - recommended for power chewers 25-60lbs, and heavy chewers 60lbs and up

how do you know how heavy of a chewer your dog is?

we base our guidelines on how fast a medium size dog (30-50lbs) consumes an item:

if an average boneless chew (such as a 6" bully stick) lasts under 10 minutes, we would consider your dog a "power chewer", 10-20 minutes would be a heavy chewer, 20-30 minutes with be a medium chewer, and 30 minutes and up would be a light chewer.

for example - Eddie, our VP of quality assurance, is a 45lb power chewer (he can eat a bully stick in under 5 minutes if he tries hard and believes in himself) - a long/extra small roll gives him 30-40 minutes of chew time, a long/small is 45minutes-1.25 hours, a long/large is 2-2.5 hours and a long/extra large is 3-4 hours.

size of your dog also plays a factor - move your dog up or down a chewing category or two depending on size. ex - an under 15lb dog consuming a 6" bully in 30 minutes would be considered a "power chewer", but an 80lb dog eating it one 15 minutes would be considered a "medium" chewer)

this chew is incredibly durable, and we highly recommend not oversizing the chew for your dog's size and chew style. light chewers will often get discouraged if the product is too large for them. our sizes are generally based on the thickness of the hide - the larger the size, the thicker the piece of hide it came from and the greater jaw strength required to actually break down the hide and get any tasty bits off.

if your dog is having trouble working on the hide, gets frustrated, or is reluctant to chew, we recommend soaking approximately 1" of the hide in water for 15-20 minutes, this will soften and rehydrate the hide and allow them to get the tasty bits off a bit quicker!


about the farm: 

McClintock's is a water buffalo dairy located just outside of courtenay, bc. Their delicious, balkan style yogurt comes from 100% grassfed water buffalo milk. the water buffalo are turned out on pasture for the spring and summer and brought in twice a day for milking. a warm climate adapted species, during winter the buffalo are kept inside the sawdust packed barn to protect them from cold and wet pacific northwest weather. water buffalo are highly social animals that form strong bonds, and are kept together with their herd mates for the winter. water buffalo is low in cholesterol, and high in iron, protein, calcium, zinc and omega-3 fatty acids.

ingredient: water buffalo hide roll - sold per each

storage once opened: 2-3 days on the shelf, 1-2 weeks in the fridge, indefinitely in the freezer.

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