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lentelus farms pork bones

lentelus farms pork bones

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dehydrated bones chews. we strive to use the whole animal and provide healthy, tasty chews for your dogs.

ribs - for longest lasting chew we recommend this for light chewers under 80lbs, medium chewers under 50 lbs or heavy chewers 25 lbs and up (small size only). 

spine and neck bones - an excellent dental chew for cleaning front teeth. the shapes of these bones provide long lasting enjoyment for all sizes of dogs - recommend removing the bone once meat has been stripped for dogs under 30 lbs.

leg bones - a robust chew for dogs 60 lbs and up only - for smaller dogs these densely mineralized bones should be removed once meat has been stripped.

always supervise your dog while chewing, and ensure they have access to fresh water. we recommend introducing this product in 20 minute chew sessions.

our low temperature dehydration process preserves the collagen matrix of the bone to protect against splintering and ensure that any pieces that may break off are smooth edged. broken pieces that are small enough to be swallowed should be removed promptly as consumption may result in gastric obstruction. all bone products present potential hazards - we believe that with appropriate supervision bone chews provide
benefits in dental health and mental enrichment that outweigh these risks.


Lentelus Farms is a multi-site agricultural facility located in the comox valley. they raise unique mixed heritage breed pigs that have been developed by the owner, Dave, over the past several years. their pigs are raised in social groups on pasture and allowed to freely express their natural instincts to forage, wallow and play. they are fed a non-gmo grain (including farm-grown grains) and are free of antibiotics, hormones and steroids.

lentelus - meaning "joy for spring" is named after Dave's grandfather's farm in Bo-Kouga, South Africa.  a multi-generational agriculturalist, Dave was inspired to bring regenerative farming practices to the comox valley, after years of work in sustainable forestry and resource conservation

ingredients: boar bones

storage once opened: shelf - 2-3 days, fridge - 1-2 weeks, freezer - indefinitely


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